To promote big data-driven skin science and next generation healthcare in Dermatology, the Skin Science Foundation (SSF) is proud to launch the “Skin Science Foundation Bioinformatics Hub”. This is a web platform giving open access to curated transcriptomic data from multiple inflammatory skin diseases.

The platform allows unprecedented means to compare expression of 20,000 single genes across multiple skin diseases and identify disease-specific signatures. This cross-comparative approach has the potential to discover unique disease biomarkers and classifiers and to provide new insights into disease pathogenesis.

At the SSF, we are convinced that such a freely accessible platform is an invaluable resource for the skin science community. It has been designed to be user-friendly and to provide tools that allow easy visualization of the generated data.

This is only the start! The SSF has the ambition to collect and incorporate further transcriptomic datasets from additional skin diseases and disease endotypes as well as other -omics data and patient-generated health data. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive network that defines skin health and disease.

Access the hub at: